Special Shapes:
D-ONIX (Strawberry 1)
Type: Lindstrand Eerdbere LBL 120A
Serialnumber: 349
Year of built: 1996
Retired: 2011
Size: 3200m3
Donated by: Michael Brammen
PH-JEW (Filmcan)
Type: Cameron Filmcan-90
Serialnumber: 2986
Year of built: 1993
Retired: 2004
Size: 2600m3
Donated by: Sky Promotions B.V.
G-BWBH (Forklift)
Type: Thunder & Colt Forklift 90
Serialnumber: 3472
Year of built: 1995
Retired: 2001
Size: 2550m3
Donated by: Stratos Ballooning
G-BWBE (Ice cream)
(Only for privat inflations)
D-OGSE (Strawberry 2)
Type: Schroeder Fire Balloons Schwartau
Serialnumber: 731
Year of built: 1996
Size: XXXXm3
Donated by: Frank Holthöfer
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G-LOKO (Locomotive)
(Ex. HB-QBN)
Type: Cameron Loco 105
Serialnumber: 3680
Year of built: 1996
Retired: 2010
Size: 4000m3
Donated by: Warsteiner
D-OBBT (Brandenburger Tor)
(Ex. PH-BBT)
Type: Cameron Brandenburger Tor
Serialnumber: 2742
Year of built: 1992
Retired: 2016
Size: 3400m3
Donated by: Warsteiner
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